HTC Vive: Business & Consumer Version will Further Differentiate

After the consumer version Vive hit the market at the beginning of 2016, HTC launched another business version headset as well and priced at USD 1200. Targeting at Business market, this headset has better performance, longer warranty period and group purchase option. Recently, HTC Vive indicated that the business and consumer version will have more differences in the future due to their different target market.

At this year’s CES, a foreign media asked Vive China president Wang Congqing whether they will consider to develop totally different product lines for home users and experience store customers. And Wang’s answer is: “This is the exact approach we are taking. We noticed that business market users are less sensitive to price but more keen on the product manageability, applicability, comfort level and life span. Therefore we think the new products we just announced, including the tracker and ViveDeluxe Audio Strap will be adopted more by business clients rather than consumers. The wireless solution from TPCAST will attract more and more business clients and offline experience store owners to experience these products.”

In 2016, VR offline experience stores increase astonishingly in China. Vive’s business market performance probably have exceed its consumer market’s. Dec. 2016, HTC just announced two projects targeting non-consumer market, Viveport Arcade and Viveport Enterprise.

Viveport Arcade

Viveport Arcade is a VR application eco-system and management platform targeting specifically for start-up offline experience stores. Usually the VR games in offline experience stores have faster pace and better visual impact while games for home users have longer narratives and game time. Viveport Aracade can process game purchase and authorization cases at the same time.

Viveport Enterprise

Viveport Enterprise is a VR application eco-system as well and its goal is to commercialize VR production.

HTC has already applied different strategies towards Viveport, Viveport Arcade and Viveport Enterprise and have provide customized software for them separately as well. But in terms of hardware, these three systems are still using the same headset, controller and tracking technologies. But in the future, they will be different as well.

In the near future, Vive will further differentiate business and consumer product. Softwares for business products will have more manageability.” Wang Congqing told the media.

Given VR’s growing attractiveness in offline entertainment business, VR’s potential is increasing in vertical market as well. But at the same time, the complexity of current VR system poses great challenges in VR’s application in vertical market. This challenge will be the key focus for HTC in 2017

“In 2017, we will pay great attention to the VR application in vertical market. Actually, we are planning to sell integrated solutions directly to medical, education and tourism industry, which I believe can fully open the market and enable more consumers to experience the technology outside their house.”

China VR Store White Paper 2016 – Part 2

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Part III Equipment

First, I want to point out that the Equipment here does NOT mean VR headset like HTC Vive, PSVR, or Oculus Rift. It refers to the VR peripheral equipment like Motion Chair, Omni Treadmill, VR Bicycle, etc.


In China offline VR experience store market, headset is dominated by HTC Vive now. Since PSVR still limits its supply, and Oculus Rift is not officially sold in China.

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China VR Store White Paper 2016 – Part 1

I’m Victor, the admin and writer of My day job is a market analyst and I have been watching the VR market in China for more than 8 months now.


Among all the sectors of VR market, I mostly believe in the VR experience store sector in China. It’s a business model that I think will be very big and driven by China because of the dense of population there.

So the 1st article of in 2017 will be some facts about the VR experience store market in China. (The stats following are collected from China VR Store White Paper 2016)

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Chinese & British Innovators’ Reflection on VR

The Black Mirror series ignite people’s pursuit and reflection on unbelievable technologies while Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them created another round of visual miracles in the magic world. Made-in-Britain to some extent is a label of refined content with cutting-edge thinking and innovative technologies. Last year marks the starting of British-sino culture communication golden age, and the innovative industry from the two countries are seeking new partnership as well. Recently, UK Department for International Trade teamed with Chinese State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television to host the British-Sino Creative Innovators Forum and over 150 corporate executives came to Shanghai for exchange and communication, including top medias like BBC Global, ITV Studios, Framestore, iQIYI, SMG and JiangSu TV Station.

At the forum, VR without a hitch is the most concerned topic.


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Amitt Mahajan: VR Experience Stores Will Thrive in China

Counting the major events in the VR/AR field this year, it seems to be rather optimistic and VR becoming mainstream is just around the corner.

But actually, in terms of premium experience, the whole industry is still at toddling stage. On Dec, UploadVR and several industry big shots had a discussion on the current VR situation and their forecast on next year. In the picture following, from left to right is Rob Goodman from OpenVerse, Han Jin from Lucid, Amitt Mahajan from Presence Capital, Timoni West and Tony Parisi from Unity.


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HTC Vive Join Hands with LekeVR: Exclusive Games Spread to 1000 VR Stores

Reported from 7tin, that HTC VIVE launched its cooperation with LekeVR to produce Viveport Arcade on VRLe. They announced during the ceremony that within two weeks, the first batch of Viveport Arcade Exclusive VR content will gradually land on LekeVR’s VRLe platform and it is estimated that the coverage will be around 1000 experience stores.


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Children: an Important Segment for China Offline VR

The ongoing Guangzhou International VR Industry Technology Exhibition in NanFeng Convention Center is in full swing now. During the “Full Attention: VR is Coming” Forum, Super Captain (a VR experience store) CEO delivered a speech and officially announced their 5 major original IP family members as well as the application plan of these IPs’ physical image. This announcement brought new highlights for the rather hardcore technology in VR equipment field.


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