Children: an Important Segment for China Offline VR

The ongoing Guangzhou International VR Industry Technology Exhibition in NanFeng Convention Center is in full swing now. During the “Full Attention: VR is Coming” Forum, Super Captain (a VR experience store) CEO delivered a speech and officially announced their 5 major original IP family members as well as the application plan of these IPs’ physical image. This announcement brought new highlights for the rather hardcore technology in VR equipment field.


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The 18th China High-Tech Fair Ends, VR is the Hottie

VR hardwares shine in the big High-Tech Fair.

The 6-day China High-Tech Fair ended successfully on Nov.21st, and this year marks the 18th fair. In the past 18 years, the scale grows and more exhibitors participate while participants’ enthusiasm and their expectation for future technology change remain the same.

This year is year one for VR technology and on this China High-Tech Fair, VR products shine. VR theme park and VR cafe all left deep impression on the audience. You can feel it from the below pictures: