Kevin Kelly Speech: The Inevitable

KK gave a vivid speech in ChengDu. Topics include VR, AI.

On December 9th, 2016, KK arrived in ChengDu and gave a vivid speech in JinJiang Hotel, touching upon topics like AI, VR etc.

KK has an optimistic belief in future technology and he thinks we will find many materials and evidences in the length of history or vastness of the land that science and technology  improves our lives constantly. And he believes everything is in a steady manner and humanity will not perish suddenly.

Continue reading for the detailed speech outline reported by Science Fiction World magazine.


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VR Cardboard Sells 30M Units Monthly, Profit Margin Only $0.1 USD Per Unit

A deep look of the sales of VR Cardboard and All-in-One market in ShenZhen, China.

The bellow report is translated from VRtuoluo reporter’s in-depth interview of the Cardboard and VR All-in-One production in ShenZhen, China. I feel it’s very interesting and a very good insight of the sales frontline of VR devices.

VR cardboard has over 30 million sales per month while VR all-in-one device is less than 0.2 million. Lay aside the great difference between VR cardboard and VR all-in-one device sales data, what the reporter want to present is the living conditions of these atypical manufacturers behind the sales data and the VR industrial change in their eyes. Continue reading “VR Cardboard Sells 30M Units Monthly, Profit Margin Only $0.1 USD Per Unit”

Chinese VR Cafe Market: 1/3 Customer is Children

With the statistics collected from 150 VR Cafe, we got the below findings:

In 2016, China have around 3000 to 5000 VR Cafe around the country.

Next year, the physical store distributors will have new comers like Wanda and Suning, who already own numerous shopping malls. Game Centers like Super Player will also join the distribution. Therefore the Chinese VR Cafe number is expected to have a 3-4 fold increase in 2017.

China have over 150k Internet Cafe and over 100k Arcade. Thus in comparison, VR Cafe business is still in early stage and have broad space for future development.

According to the statistics on collected from 50 VR Cafe, the customer peak of VR experience stores is noon to afternoon and these target customers come to VR Cafe after lunch, especially on Sundays. A great many of customers will intensly play VR games on weekends and holidays. Weekends have 4 to 5 times more customers than weekdays.


Per sampling results in VR Cafe, 58.52% customers are man and an extremely high portion of the customers are children, over 35%. In terms of repeat customers, 66% are man, 11% women and 22% children.