DPVR (formerly Deepoon) Announced New PCVR Headset E3

On Mar.28th, Deepoon VR held its spring press conference in Beijing JD.com Headquarter and launched a PC VR Headset E3 along with its self developed laser orientation solution Polaris. Also it announced the new English brand name DPVR as well.


DPVR announced that the price for E3 Basic Edition is 2299RMB ($330 USD) while the price for “E3 + Polaris” Orientation Set is 4999RMB ($715 USD). Currently, the DPVR E3 is open for reservation on JD.com crowdsourcing platform.

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Deepoon Received 10M+ USD Financing

Deepoon VR CEO announced in early Jan.2017 its open letter that they have accomplished a new round of financing led by Kingnet.com and followed by other VR industry funds, total amount exceeding 10m USD.


In December 2015, Deepoon VR accomplished 0.18b RMB(26m USD) B round financing. That round is led by Xunlei and followed by Kingnet.com and the three parties reached a strategic cooperation.

In August 2016, Deepoon VR had another 24.85m RMB(3.59m USD)strategic financing from kingnet.com as well.