Chinese & British Innovators’ Reflection on VR

The Black Mirror series ignite people’s pursuit and reflection on unbelievable technologies while Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them created another round of visual miracles in the magic world. Made-in-Britain to some extent is a label of refined content with cutting-edge thinking and innovative technologies. Last year marks the starting of British-sino culture communication golden age, and the innovative industry from the two countries are seeking new partnership as well. Recently, UK Department for International Trade teamed with Chinese State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television to host the British-Sino Creative Innovators Forum and over 150 corporate executives came to Shanghai for exchange and communication, including top medias like BBC Global, ITV Studios, Framestore, iQIYI, SMG and JiangSu TV Station.

At the forum, VR without a hitch is the most concerned topic.


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Goertek: An Expert in VR All-in-one Headset Design & Manufactory

How complicated can a VR all-in-one headset can be? A Chip, a lens, a plastic case and a few bands. The assembly line of a Shenzhen factory can finish one headset within 5 minutes, but it is far more difficult to design an excellent VR all-in-one headset. During the interview with Heix website, Design Director of Goertek Chen Chongguang said that they have been working on this simple thing for over five years.


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Amitt Mahajan: VR Experience Stores Will Thrive in China

Counting the major events in the VR/AR field this year, it seems to be rather optimistic and VR becoming mainstream is just around the corner.

But actually, in terms of premium experience, the whole industry is still at toddling stage. On Dec, UploadVR and several industry big shots had a discussion on the current VR situation and their forecast on next year. In the picture following, from left to right is Rob Goodman from OpenVerse, Han Jin from Lucid, Amitt Mahajan from Presence Capital, Timoni West and Tony Parisi from Unity.


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ODG Teamed with China Mobile’s Subsidiary to Enter China AR Market

It is reported on December 19th that, China Mobile’s subsidiary eco-company Migu Video Technology announced its startegic partenship with American AR company Osterhout Design Group (ODG). It is reported that this coorperation will fully utilize ODG’s technology advancement to develop high-end product for the joint brand. At the same time, Migu Video will take advantage of China Mobile’s user channel and market service to build its exclusive terminal sales agencies and truly enrich the AR industry model.


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HTC Vive Join Hands with LekeVR: Exclusive Games Spread to 1000 VR Stores

Reported from 7tin, that HTC VIVE launched its cooperation with LekeVR to produce Viveport Arcade on VRLe. They announced during the ceremony that within two weeks, the first batch of Viveport Arcade Exclusive VR content will gradually land on LekeVR’s VRLe platform and it is estimated that the coverage will be around 1000 experience stores.


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Children: an Important Segment for China Offline VR

The ongoing Guangzhou International VR Industry Technology Exhibition in NanFeng Convention Center is in full swing now. During the “Full Attention: VR is Coming” Forum, Super Captain (a VR experience store) CEO delivered a speech and officially announced their 5 major original IP family members as well as the application plan of these IPs’ physical image. This announcement brought new highlights for the rather hardcore technology in VR equipment field.


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