Kevin Kelly Speech: The Inevitable

KK gave a vivid speech in ChengDu. Topics include VR, AI.

On December 9th, 2016, KK arrived in ChengDu and gave a vivid speech in JinJiang Hotel, touching upon topics like AI, VR etc.

KK has an optimistic belief in future technology and he thinks we will find many materials and evidences in the length of history or vastness of the land that science and technology  improves our lives constantly. And he believes everything is in a steady manner and humanity will not perish suddenly.

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3Glasses Joins Microsoft’s VR Platform

Dec.8, in WinHEC conference in ShenZhen, Microsoft announced that 3Glasses will join their VR platform, as one of the VR hardware provider.

Early this year, Microsoft that the Windows 10 VR headset will be built by Dell, Asus and Lenovo, and the price will be around $300 USD. Now with 3Glasses join the force to further expand the Windows VR headset product line.


3Glasses has been a renowned VR hardware company in China. They just got a $10M investment from O-film. 

3Glasses’s latest VR headset is 3Glasses S1 Blubur, which features 2K display and 120HZ refresh rate. It also comes with a pair of Wand, which is like HTC Vive.


Microsoft to Sell Hololens in China in Early 2017

In today’s WinHEC conference in ShenZhen, China. Microsoft announced that Hololens will be in retail in China early 2017. The price will be around 22k RMB (3200USD).

Before that, Hololens is only sold in US, Canada, and planning to release in Japan and several Europe countries next year. Chinese developers and customers used to rely on dealers to get Hololens. And the price is quite high on Taobao(Chinese version of Ebay) now, more than 4000USD.


VR HMD “Chinese Black Friday” Sales Data Analysis

Nov.11th is similar to the American Black Friday Shopping Festival and Tmall is basically the Chinese Amazon. Here is the detailed analysis of sales for all VR HMD brands on Tmall for the ‘Chinese Black Friday’


Recently, HeiXia has finished the VR HMD sales data compilation from Tmall Nov.11th event.  Nov.11th is similar to the American Black Friday Shopping Festival and Tmall is basically the Chinese Amazon.


Before presenting the result, a few points needed to be clarified.
  1. The report data all comes from the open data of the 22 brands’ Tmall flagship stores
  1. The report data’s cut off point is Nov.11th 24:00. Considering Tmall only provide monthly sales data, therefore the report data reflect the sales result from Nov.1st to Nov.11th 24:00.
  1. The report data might be overstated as some store might click farm the result. However, given that all stores are from the same platform and have the same possibility in click farm, the influence of this variable was not considered in this report.
  1. Oculus has no official sales channel in China, therefore it is not included in the report. PSVR only held a presale event on Nov.11th and the data hasn’t released.


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Taobao Buy+ VR Shopping for 8M Chinese Customers

The yearly Chinese Shopping Festival “Double Eleven” on Nov.11th (similar to America’s Black Friday) has just passed. Not only a feast for shoppers, it is the showtime for emerging new technologies as well, including the Buy+ VR shopping.

Taobao is like the Amazon of China, created by Alibaba, which is listed on Nasdaq.

Buy+ has gone online on Taobao App since Nov.1st. With the help of a VR cardboard,  this shopping application can bring you to the shopping malls from all over the world and you can buy anything you like online. The current version covers 7 shopping malls from 3 different countries and offers hundreds of goods, inclucing Macy’s from New York.

Buy+ is basically a pano video with hotspot to interact with

The experience is presented in a panoramic video. Shoppers use their optical center to select hotspot covered commodities, refer to details and add to the shopping cart. Then they can key in their Alipay password to complete the payment. (Alipay is like Paypal of China, which is the major payment service online.)


As the largest online shopping mall in China, Taobao’s trial in VR will surely encourage millions of customers to experience and use VR. The current Buy+ is no longer a demo and has included the whole payment procedure inside VR. Users can immerse in the VR environment and operate their Alipay account to complete the payment.

Buy+ Data

As expected, over 70% users are the 80s generation. Taobao is a platform for the youngsters.
As you can tell from the above data, people are keen to experience the novelties. It is noteworthy that 25-29 years old user dominate the Buy+ user group, therefore future VR products will probably aim for this particular group as well.

Till Nov.10th, around 8 million people have experienced shopping in virtual world. The majority of them are man, which also fits the common sense that man are more interested in new technology.

Creator Program

According to the project leader, Buy+ is Alibaba’s first step rather than the ultimate form and its main purpose is to promote VR towards its mass users. Alibaba has already started a Creator Program to build the VR shopping industry chain. First of all, they would like to attract teams with automatic 3D modeling technology so that they can create models of real objects at the lowest cost in VR with technologies such as depth camera or light field.

If your team is in good command of such technologies, you can also send mail to, we will provide you more info of Alibaba’s Creator Program.