Hypereal Announced Price Competitive PCVR Headset

Hypereal announced their 1st prototype headset in Jul.2016, at last year’s Chinajoy 2016. Their announced prototype then was like a ‘HTC Vive’, using tracking tech like Valve’s lighthouse. Less than one year now, they announced their new official product.

Hypereal’s current product is like a PSVR headset + Oculus Touch/Constellation. It’s called Pano and Pano Pro.


Price for Pano and Pano Pro is very competitive, Pano is $355 USD, and Pano Pro is $525 USD. (price calculated to USD from RMB). Pano can now be reversed on Hypereal’s official website and it says will be shipped around Jun. this year.

Following is the tech spec of Pano:

  • AMOLED Display 2160×1200 Resolution
  • 90hz Refresh Rate
  • Fresnel lens
  • 120 degree FOV
  • Orientation system with 720 resolution, millimeter class positioning, 120 degree tracking and identification field, latency <11ms

For Pano Pro, it has an additional depth perception system with Intel RealSense technology and its function includes:

  • An integrated depth and color sensor module that can authentically record environment information at real time and recreate the real world in the virtual land.
  • High frequency layered depth scanning that can embed real environment into the virtual world along with the orientation system.
  • Obstacle avoidance protection that can dynamically detect the obstacles in the environment through environment recreation, posture positioning and depth perception system and proactively remind the user in the process
  • 3D recreation technologies that can assist professional users to transfer the real world reference model into the the virtual world

In the future they will add gesture interaction and facial expression tracking etc. functions.


Motion Controller

Apart from the headsets, Hypereal launched its motion controller Sens. This Oculus Touch style controller can be purchased separately at a price of $115 USD.


There is a touch disk and a menu tab on the controller, on the handle part there is a trigger and a side key. The official stated that the Sens can last for 30 hours, and will enter standby mode automatically if it is left aside.


Hypereal is not compatible with OpenVR SDK. It has its own SDK and will have a content store. According to CEO and founder Huang Chaiming, when the hardware shipment is out in June, there will be around 100 content in the platform. The launching games include Raw Data, Eagle Flight from Ubisoft, Project V and Overturn from Korean YJM Group and Reborn from Actgame.


And the Hypereal content store has a subscription plan. There are three subscription options: the $4.3 USD monthly leisure set for leisure content only; the $10 USD gamer set for most of the popular games and the $15 USD full set for all the launching games. Of course, users can purchase individual game as well.

Two Creation Tool

Aside from the headset, Hypereal also released 2 software on their event.

Directool is an animation production tool with which users can create animation without professional knowledge. With the software’s prefeb unit and style kit, the user can set up a scene or even a city in a short time. And they can shoot and edit directly in the VR as well.


CAST is a VR modeling tool and professional artist can use CAST to create model and import to other tools like Directool or sell at Asset Store. Normal users can create movie or game elements inspired models as well.



According to Leiphone.com, CEO Huang CaiMing answered some questions after the event:

Q: Why the laser orientation system is not included? (Hypereal has developed a laser orientation system similar to Valve Lighthouse, and provide open source later as well. But this function is not included in the new product

A: Because the cost is too high, the motor of the laser system is 170 RMB per piece while the whole camera set cost less than 300 RMB. Therefore we made this trade-off.

Q: Why the motion capture controller is sold seperately? (Hypereal adapted the same sales scheme as Oculus: the official set only includes a normal game pad, the user have to buy a motion capture controller seperately. However, HTC Vive sells the motion capture controller with the headset.)

A: Because some content doesn’t need a motion capture controller to experience. For example, Eagle Flight from Ubisoft.

Q: What’s your marketing strategy?

A: Currently we emphasis more on B2B2C, also we are planning about the overseas market as well.

Author: vrinchinaadmin

admin of VR-in-China.com

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