DPVR (formerly Deepoon) Announced New PCVR Headset E3

On Mar.28th, Deepoon VR held its spring press conference in Beijing JD.com Headquarter and launched a PC VR Headset E3 along with its self developed laser orientation solution Polaris. Also it announced the new English brand name DPVR as well.


DPVR announced that the price for E3 Basic Edition is 2299RMB ($330 USD) while the price for “E3 + Polaris” Orientation Set is 4999RMB ($715 USD). Currently, the DPVR E3 is open for reservation on JD.com crowdsourcing platform.


In comparison to the former generation E2, E3 has optimized its resolution and adopted SAMSUNG AMOLED display and Fresnel Lens. Its FOV is 110 degree and its resolution reaches 2560×1440. It also simplified the receiver layout and further cut its weight to 297g.


Polaris Laser Spatial Orientation Solution

“Polaris is a binocular laser spatial orientation solution developed independently by DPVR and has over 10 laser technology patent for invention. Therefore E3 is the world’s only VR headset that is embedded with a full set self-developed laser orientation technology.” DPVR CEO Chen ChaoYang introduced during the press conference, “In comparison to the Lighthouse monocular solution, the binocular Polaris can achieve the same accuracy and distance with less laser receiver (Polaris only use 6 recievers while Lighthouse use 32) , therefore the E3 is much leaner”


According to the on-site introduction, Polaris can fulfill 360 degree tracking and real time tracking and capture. Also, it has dual base, single base and zero base three model that can satisfy multiple tracking needs including room size, small size and desk top tracking. It can also support multi person model as well. The Polaris wireless set is expected to launch around the second half of 2017.

Apart from that, DPVR also prepared 2 peripheral equipment for E3 as well: Tracker and Mini Tracker. The user can equipped it freely on any object and pair it with Polaris.

Author: vrinchinaadmin

admin of VR-in-China.com

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