Deepoon Formed Strategic Cooperation with Dell to Explore B/C Market with Headset + PC Set

On March.9th, Dell and Deepoon held a press conference in Beijing to announce their strategic cooperation. The indepth VR cooperation of the two companies will build the industry chains for PC VR.

Deepoon is a renowned domestic VR headset developer and has launched PCVR headset E2 and VR All-in-one M2. This January, Deepoon launched the new generation of VR headset E3 on CES and the corresponding spatial orientation solution. The Chief Strategic Office of Deepoon Zhang Li said that when sell this product on March.28th, they will showcase another desktop solution along with a room size orientation solution as well.


As an International PC giant, Dell China held its VR strategy press conference last April and announced its commitment to VR content creation and technology framework building. Last September, Dell launched 4 VR labs in the global range and its cooperation with multiple partners for VR content environment development.

The cooperation between Dell and Deepoon will mainly cover two aspects. Firstly, the two sides will optimize the VR experience together based on the user feedback they collected for Deepoon. Secondly, they will partner on channels. In ToC side they will launch a Dell computer + Deepoon headset set while in ToB side they will combine different function Deepoon VR headset with different performance Dell computer based on the user’s need and provide them with more diverse product choices.

Dell Greater China VP Lin Hao said: “The two companies’ product complement each other and share the same market target. Therefore the combination of Dell and Deepoon can certainly turn into a perfect match. Dell will utilize its strong technology research background and outstanding supply chain integration to realize a more indepth VR industry integration and stimulate the innovation of VR solution and the development of China VR industry.”

Deepoon VR Chief Strategy Officer Zhang Li commented: “VR headsets have more flexible requirements for PC and Deepoon VR E3 has two corresponding spatial orientation solution for different needs. VR headsets certainly have many more applicable settings that users can freely choose from. Therefore Dell’s technology advancement combined with Deepoon’s experience in VR will be beneficial for a faster and more convenient application of VR in more aspects of everyday life. Particularly, the popularization cost of PC VR will be much lower.”

With the rapid penetration of VR concept in 2016, this year is considered to be the year of Business VR market. With this cooperation, Dell will share its channel resources in industrial application market. Zhang Li also said that they were exploring the industry and offline application market with the E generation headset of Deepoon PCVR last year as well. Many schools, including the Beijing No.4 High School has introduced Deepoon headsets for VR education.

As for the consumer market, Zhang Li admit that in comparison to the heated concept phenomenon at the beginning of 2016, the market is relatively deserted in the second half. But according to the data from Deepoon’s channel, the sales of Deepoon headsets in January 2017 doubles the average monthly sale of 2016. Therefore Zhang Li believed that this year there will be more opportunities in consumer market.

At last April’s China VR strategy press conference, Lin Hao once said that Dell will concentrate on VR content and won’t touch upon the VR headset development. But at the end of last year, Microsoft announced Dell as one of their five PC partners and will launch a VR headset based on Microsoft’s MR system. And after that, ASUS and Lenovo both launched their own VR headsets on CES. Given that, Lin Hao said that Dell is still discussing internally and hasn’t finalized their participation way yet.

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