Alipay Launched AR Live-action Red Pocket

Alipay officially launched AR Live-action Red Pocket in Chinese Spring Festival this Jan. and it mainly utilizes “LBS+AR+red pocket”three methods, therefore users need to meet the location sharing and AR live-action scanning two requirements to give out or receive red pockets. Red pockets is a tradition of Chinese Spring Festival. People put money in a red envelop and give to each other to wish good luck in the coming year.

To be specific, users can click the red pocket section inside of Alipay and chose AR Live-action Red pocket. Then they can generate one by choosing “hide a red pocket” and setting up the location information, clues and the reciever. After that they can share the clues via Alipay, Wechat or QQ etc social platform to their friends and invite them to find the red pocket.


There are two requirements in collecting the red pocket:

1. the user’s distance from the hidden red pocket is within 500 meters

2. find the object in the clues and open Alipay to scan. Apart from the clues they get directly from their friends and relatives, they can also see the red pockets from other users and stores on the red pocket map. If the receiver of the red pocket is set as anybody, then users can follow the clues and the location to find and collect the red pocket.


AR red pocket can stimulate the interaction between the business and their customers. The business can change part of their promotion fee into AR live-action red pocket to benefit their customers, bring more people to their offline stores and enhance their sense of participation.

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