VR Included in the 13th Five Year National Informatization Plan of China

On December 27th 2016, the Chinese State Council published the 13th Five Year National Informatization Plan, and the plan pointed out that the 13th Five Year period is an era of information and communication technology revolutions and breakthroughs and an expanding stage when digital dividend is fully released. The first three sections mainly elaborate on the current development situation, the overall target and the main direction; while the fourth section focuses on the major tasks and projects plan and pointed out that the strategic layout of advanced technologies need to be strengthened, including quantum communication, future network, neuromorphic computing, artifitial intelligence, virtual reality, big data cognitive analysis, new nonvolatile RAM, unmanned vehicle, block chain, gene editing etc. The foundation research and cutting-edge layout of these technologies need to be enhanced for a leading position.

Apart from that, the plan also listed 5G network as a priority. According to the plan, 5G network development and testing will be ready by 2018 and IPv6 will in large scale deployment and commercialize stage. By 2020, 5G network will complete its research and begin to commercialize while the whole internet will upgrade to IPv6. Also, there will be major breakthroughs in future network structure and key technologies.

The Five-Year Plan’s full name is National Economy and Social Development Five-Year Plan Outline of People’s Republic of China. As a long term plan, it is an essential part of China’s national economy plan and mainly focus on the planning of national major construction project, productivity distribution, national economy key ratios. It sets the vision, targets and direction for national economy development.

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