Leyard Acquired OptiTrack’s Company

Leyard announced on Dec.30th 2016 that the company is considering a 1.22billion private share placement, among which 0.86 million will be used to acquire NaturalPoint’s 100% share and the real estate projects they are managing while the other 0.36 billion will be used to fund its liquidity.


Founded in 1996, NP is the world‘s leading 3D optical motion capture company. Its OptiTrack optical motion capture products are the front runners in VR/AR field as many of the motion capture solutions in the market utilize its OptiTrack optical capture module.

Founded in 1995 with a registered capital of 1.5billion, Leyard is a company specialized in design, production, distribution and service of LED display and LED light.


Leyard’s acquisition of NatrualPoint is a contuniation of its layout in AR and VR field. Formerly they have strategically invested HeiVR with 15million. HeiVR mainly focused on the current heat: offline VR experience stores and is developing a multi-person interactive VR theme park Pangolin now. Apart from that, Leyard announced its investment in the AR star company Magic Leap before as well.

Author: vrinchinaadmin

admin of VR-in-China.com

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