Amitt Mahajan: VR Experience Stores Will Thrive in China

Counting the major events in the VR/AR field this year, it seems to be rather optimistic and VR becoming mainstream is just around the corner.

But actually, in terms of premium experience, the whole industry is still at toddling stage. On Dec, UploadVR and several industry big shots had a discussion on the current VR situation and their forecast on next year. In the picture following, from left to right is Rob Goodman from OpenVerse, Han Jin from Lucid, Amitt Mahajan from Presence Capital, Timoni West and Tony Parisi from Unity.


Gaming Field: the First to Make a Fortune

The founder and manage partner of Presence Capital Amitt Mahajan said: “The first batch of profit gainer will still be gaming companies. From the view point of investors and developers, we have already seen the handsome profit potential in Oculus and Vive.” The VR/AR strategy officer Tony Parisi also said that: “Gamers are always the frontiers among consumers. They will be the first to buy the cutting-edge hardware and enjoy the most refined VR experience. VR has high demands on computers, and the relatively shorter replacement cycle of gaming computers will greatly drive the VR development. ”

VR Experience Stores Will Thrive in China

Mahajan said : “Given that China has a huge real estate market, they will have to think about how to utilize the massive space and VR experience store could be a nice solution. Then users don’t have to buy expensive computers themselves, they can just pay for the experience. Currently, quite a number of investors have joined the market, therefore I think it is a matter of time that China becomes the premier market of VR.” A report from the HTC VR experience center project Viveport Arcade also shows that this field has gained more and more attention and many new business models have emerged as well.

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