ODG Teamed with China Mobile’s Subsidiary to Enter China AR Market

It is reported on December 19th that, China Mobile’s subsidiary eco-company Migu Video Technology announced its startegic partenship with American AR company Osterhout Design Group (ODG). It is reported that this coorperation will fully utilize ODG’s technology advancement to develop high-end product for the joint brand. At the same time, Migu Video will take advantage of China Mobile’s user channel and market service to build its exclusive terminal sales agencies and truly enrich the AR industry model.


It is said that Osterhout Design Group is an important American military enterprises. Founded in 1999, it was formerly a technology incubator and mainly focused on AR head mounted display. Recently, ODG has just finished its A round financing of 58million USD. Shenzhen listed company O-film participated in it with 20 million USD investment.

ODG’s main competitor now includes HoloLens from Microsoft and Meta from Silicon Valley. Comparing to them, ODG‘s technology is the first to productization and its product has miniaturized enough to be portable and doesn’t have to link to a computer. On 2017 January’s CES conference, ODG will reveal more information related with its AR headset.

Migu Video Technology’s CEO Wang Bin also pointed out that Migu has its base in China Mobile system. In other words, its favorable channels has already penetrated into 2nd & 3rd tier cities and its user group has already reached over 800 million users. This time they would like to held hand with ODG to form an exclusive strategic corporation in AR field and together they will develop cutting-edge product and provide decent service for the public and the industry.


Author: vrinchinaadmin

admin of VR-in-China.com

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