HTC Vive Join Hands with LekeVR: Exclusive Games Spread to 1000 VR Stores

Reported from 7tin, that HTC VIVE launched its cooperation with LekeVR to produce Viveport Arcade on VRLe. They announced during the ceremony that within two weeks, the first batch of Viveport Arcade Exclusive VR content will gradually land on LekeVR’s VRLe platform and it is estimated that the coverage will be around 1000 experience stores.


HTC Vive China CEO Wang CongQing mentioned that there are around 300 pieces of content in Viveport Arcade now, all specifically designed for experience store. And this cooperation with LekeVR can release their pressure in experience store, as current content are not rich or high quality enough.

Leke CEO He WenYi said that till now, Leke has provided over 7million players’ VR experience in their service provided stores in 2016. The work from this cooperation will land in several big VR stores first and in the future, probably every Leke VR experience store will import content from Vive Arcarde

It is said that Viveport Arcade is a VR content management and publish platform Vive designed specifically for offline experience stores. This system can charge by running time and provide revenue sharing service for operators and developers. LekeVR on the other hand, concentrates more on the operation integration solution for offline stores, and VRLe is its VR content publish platform and mainly provide content publish and download service as well as offline VR content multiplayer service.

VRle’s corporation with Viveport Arcade will mainly focus on the content. Viveport Arcade will provide operation management and market support for its content while VRle will charge the users. Leke will pay the fee for Viveport Arcade, but the distribution rate has not revealed yet.


With its touch to thousands VR store at once, and several hundreds of exclusive content already, Viveport Arcade is surely to be the biggest VR content platform for VR cafe/arcade/park/store in China market. It’s also reported that HTC Vive is used in majority of the VR stores around China. With Oculus not official sold in China, and PSVR cannot be used for commercial usage, HTC Vive will surely expand its domain.

And this is a super good thing for VR content providers, because now with Viveport Arcade, content providers can get income directly from commercial usage of their content in those VR stores.

If any content provider want to benefit from this VR location based business in China, I recommend you design your content for this kind of players, and launch your content on Viveport Arcade and only on Viveport Arcade. Or, it’s highly possible that your content will get piracy.

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