Children: an Important Segment for China Offline VR

The ongoing Guangzhou International VR Industry Technology Exhibition in NanFeng Convention Center is in full swing now. During the “Full Attention: VR is Coming” Forum, Super Captain (a VR experience store) CEO delivered a speech and officially announced their 5 major original IP family members as well as the application plan of these IPs’ physical image. This announcement brought new highlights for the rather hardcore technology in VR equipment field.


It is evident that recently Super Captain has major movements in Children VR field. They’ve presented the “Xiao Kai VR Series” in China High-Tech Fair not long ago (58% users in offline experience stores are children, Super Captain kicked off Xiao Kai Series Children VR) and today they brought 5 major original IPs.

Why Super Captain target Children VR?

  1. Super Captain utilized its own Cloud Platform big data analysis and identified that over 58% offline experience store users are parents-child users. For the market, customers are the gods. Launching customized service for specific customers can not only enhance the service quality but also increase the revenue. Due to 58% users are parents with children, Super Captain have to try the Children VR field. Also, a nice experience will promote Super Captain’s reputation, which is in line with its CEO Wang Lei’s strategy of delivering excellent offline experience.
  2. Less competition pressure: few entertainment products targeting family users and children. Currently not many companies have attempted at the Children VR field, therefore the competition pressure is relatively smaller and  an early entrance can quickly gain the market share. In terms of products, few VR hardware or content are suitable for children.

Children VR is a huge market and Super Captain’s point-cut of original IP is a smart decision. Still, for Super Captain at his current volume, Children VR market is quite a challenge.


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