Hospice Care VR Documentary The Ferryman World Premiere

The world’s first hospice care VR documentary The Ferryman has its premiere on 2016 Global Public Welfare Ceremony. The ceremony was held by People.cn, Global Times, huanqiu.com and Huanqiu TIME app.


The Ferryman was produced by the renowned Chines VR filming research institution Upano. They documented the life of terminally ill patients for half a year with VR panoramic camera and offer the audience a chance to experience the meaning of life so that they can lift people’s fear and misunderstanding of hospice care.

The producer and chief director Dong YuHui introduced that :” Hospice care is not a therapy to cure, but a kind of medical care aiming to relieve the pain and enhance the life quality for those terminally ill patients in their last few months or weeks. In July, 1967, the world’s first hospice care hospital St. Christoper Hospice was founded in London. Today, Britain has over 200 hospice institution and America has over 2000 ones, but in China is less than 10. The filming location of the Ferryman is SongTang Hospice. It is the first hospice in China, and to date, it has to move for 7 times already due to all sorts of reasons. ”

“In China, death is a taboo to talk about. People are reluctant to face the eventual ending of life, but actually hospices are filled with joy, even have witnessed several miracles. The Ferryman utilize the VR technology to offer people an immersive experience as a patient or a volunteer in the hospice, fulfill their last wish at the end of life and feel the sunshine at the edge of desperate. The doctors/ nurse/ volunteers are normal people, but they are also the ferryman for the patients at the hospice. ” They shoulder life and death and ferry people to the other side of life.

“The Ferryman aims to ensure every audience can understand the meaning of ferryman in the last phase of life. We also want to prove via this film that VR is not only about sex and violence, it also has the power to promote social progress.” Dong YuHui said so.


It is said that the crew has encountered many troubles in the process of filming due to the sensitiveness of the topic and the pass-away of some patients, however these troubles strengthen their determination in making such a film and attract more people to care and love the terminally ill people. Because at the hospice, everyone is a no-repro protagonist. And because the experience is too unique and shocking, every filming crew has conscientiously become a volunteer of hospice care. They want to ensure every patient can feel the happiness at the end of life personally, and this is the very attitude the Ferryman want to convey. It is the warmth of life.

The guest and audience of 2016 Global  Public Welfare Ceremony speak highly of the Ferryman: The VR technology makes the documentary more realistic and shocking. In the future, there will be more and more works combining the public welfare topic and the VR technology to stimulate the Chinese Public Welfare development.

Author: vrinchinaadmin

admin of VR-in-China.com

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