Nov 2016 VR/AR Investment & Financing in China

DiLou Technologies

  • Angel Financing: 5million RMB (around 0.73million USD)
  • Field: One-stop housing transaction service application in VR, AR & MR content
  • Investor: Horn Fund and Liuchaosong Fund


SiXiong Technologies

  • Angel Financing: 10million RMB (around 1.45 million USD)
  • Field: VR Gaming
  • Investor: Northern Light Veture Capital



  • Pre-D Financing: 80million USD
  • Field: Flexible OLED technology & VR headset development
  • Investor: WARMSUN Holding Group


QiFu Entertainment

  • Seed Financing: confidential
  • Field: AR Gaming
  • Investor: YongSheng Animation


ShuoYing Digital Sience & Technology

  • Acquisition: 1 billion RMB (around 14.53miilion USD)
  • Feild: Motion camera and panoramic camera
  • Investor: Renzhi Corporation

Bejing VR Online Technology Limited Company

  • 4% share acquisition: 2million RMB (around 0.29 million USD)
  • Field: VR technology development, service & product design
  • Investor: LongMen Education

KanDao Technology

  • Strategic Investment: 40million RMB (around 5.81million USD)
  • Field: VR panoramic camera
  • Investor: Sky Light Holdings



  • Strategic Investment: 60million RMB (around 8.72million USD)
  • Field: VR Hardware
  • Investor: O-film



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