ShenZhen Plan to Build ShenZhen(BaoAn) VR Industrial Park

ShenZhen already hosts 1/3 of all VR companies in China. A new VR Industial Park in BaoAn is in planning to further stimulate the VR industry.

ShenZhen becomes a more and more important city for VR industry as it has successful  hosted China High-Tech Fair and National Mass Innovation & Entrepreneurship Week and its government has corporated with HTC Vive to set up the 10billion RMB fund. Also, it is home to over 1/3 of all VR companies in China.

It is said that at the first council meeting of Shenzhen VR Industry Federation, they are planning to build a ShenZhen (BaoAn) VR Industrial Park in order to further stimulate the VR industry’s aggregation and development.


VR is one of the most popular high-tech now and VR technology has already been extensively used in multiple fields, including VR tourism, VR entertainment, VR gaming, VR social, VR movies and VR education. This April, Shenzhen VR Industry Federation was officially set up. It gathered a group of leading companies in VR industry and tremendously accelerated the VR industry development in Shenzhen. Today, this federation held its first council meeting and they’ve decided to set up VR Lab, VR Research Center and VR Academy. Exc-President Tan YiGuo also revealed that the federation is planning to build a ShenZhen(BaoAn) VR Industrial Park so that they can provide a better environment for Shenzhen VR industry’s development.

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