Hero Entertainment to Distribute Virtuix Omni Trendmill in Around 100 VR Stores in China by Year End

Though VR is the spotlight of 2016 and all major companies have made related strategic planning; in gaming industry, few companies have developed a VR version of their featured games.

A renowned gaming company in China, Hero Entertainment, will launch Crisis Action VR version soon and plan to distribute 1000 Virtuix Omni treadmills in around 100 VR stores before year end to set up for the national E-sports competition.


Hero Entertainment was founded in June.16th, 2015, and was listed in the New OTC Market in the same month. As a fast growing company, it targets mobile E-sports since day one and has held several off-line competitions for its mobile games such as Crisis Action.

Crisis Action is a very successful FPS mobile game in China, with more than 25 million MAU and 100M RMB grossing per month.
With the VR new technology gaining popularity, many people considered it a new chance. This July, Hero Entertainment invested the Virtuix Omni VR treadmill and announced the VR version of Crisis Action to play with it. After merely 4 months, it is said that the Crisis Action VR beta test is completed already.

Regarding the future of VR E-Sports, in an interview in CCTV2 Finance and Economics Channel’s First to Know Program, Hero Entertainment’s CEO Ying Shuling mentioned that, “in 2017, VR E-Sports is a brand new way of entertainment and might bring around 2.5 billion RMB(around 362 million USD) revenue.”

Virtuix is the world’s famous ODT (omni-direction treadmill) company, its main production Virtuix Omni can track the user’s body movement and feedback to the game. With the user’s direction, speed and mileage recorded and transferred to the game. the Omni can realistically simulate the reaction in virtual reality.

Virtuix Omni’s commercial version will be sold 3900USD per unit for the VR stores. There will also be a 2-player special bundle version and a 5-player bundle version.

Author: vrinchinaadmin

admin of VR-in-China.com

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