BaoFeng MoJing 2016 Sales Reach 20M RMB

On Nov.27th , 2016 Snowball Carnival, BaoFeng Group CEO Feng Xin indicated that BaoFeng 2016 VR Revenue has reached 20million RMB (around 2.9million USD). Apart from that, Feng Xin also disclose that BaoFeng New Product & Strategy Release will be held on Dec.20th, BaoFeng all-in-one headset will probably have its debut then. By 2016 June, BaoFeng Mojing (cardboard like headset) has sold over 2million headsets and its monthly active users have increased almost ten times as well.

By covering video, VR, sports and TV, BaoFeng Group’s marketing penetrate into multiple consumer scenarios and its VR revenue reached 20million RMB in 2016. In terms of VR scenario marketing, BaoFeng cooperate with Maybelline to create the world’s first VR cosmetic advertisement. They also has teamed with Australia Tourist Administration to promote panoramic Australian scenery, worked with to introduce VR dating and join hand with Mars M&M chocolate to start first brand customized VR theater in China.

Maybelline VR marketing project.

BaoFeng Mojing claims to have the biggest VR team in China, once has over 500 employees and after this year’s layoff, still employs around 300 people.

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