3Glasses got 60M RMB Investment from O-film

3Glasses got 60M RMB investment from O-film, estimated value 0.56B RMB

ShenZhen VR technology company 3Glasses has got 60M RMB (around 8.7M USD) investment from ShenZhen O-film. After this round of investment, 3Glasses’ estimated value is  0.56B RMB (around 81M USD) and O-film will get 10.7143% of 3Glasses’ stock as well as a seat in the board meeting to decide the VR layout.


According to the O-film announcement, the company will take this opportunity to participate in the major management decision process, penetrate into the cutting-edge layout of VR industry. Also, with this investment, the company can officially join the VR manufacturers and establish the competitive edge and technical barrier of intellectual property in VR. From now on, O-film will take 3Glasses’s VR headset as a key channel and bond to assemble all kinds of VR input & output technologies and integrate VR visual, tactile, force feedback etc. related technologies, which will dramatically enhance the industry competitiveness of the company.

Founded in 2001, O-film is a leading precision photovoltaic film components manufacturer in China. With its proprietary intellectual property rights in precision photovoltaic film coating technology, the company has engaged in long term precision photovoltaic film components research & development, manufacture and sales. Currently, the main products of O-film include Infrared medium filter, microscope base module and TP LENS. The company also has subsidiaries in Nanchang and Suzhou, and its revenue has exceed 3.9 billion RMB (around 56.5M USD).

Before this investment, O-film has become a shareholder of ODG already and bought its access into VR/AR field. As a leading supplier of key components for consumer electronic including Duo Camera, fingerprint recognition and touch display, O-film is proactive in marching towards VR field and adding a new territory to the future business landscape.

3Glasses was founded in 2005 and is one of the earliest company to work on VR. The company has already own over 70 independent core patents and more than 200 successful cases in VR industry. In 2014, it launched China’s first mass-produced PC VR headset 3Glasses D1. In 2015, the 2K VR headset 3Glasses D2 came out and in 2016 they updated it to the 3Glasses Blubur S1 VR all-in-one headset and its display for both eyes exceed 2K. In terms of development, 3Glasses have over 500 development teams.


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