VR HMD “Chinese Black Friday” Sales Data Analysis

Nov.11th is similar to the American Black Friday Shopping Festival and Tmall is basically the Chinese Amazon. Here is the detailed analysis of sales for all VR HMD brands on Tmall for the ‘Chinese Black Friday’


Recently, HeiXia has finished the VR HMD sales data compilation from Tmall Nov.11th event.  Nov.11th is similar to the American Black Friday Shopping Festival and Tmall is basically the Chinese Amazon.


Before presenting the result, a few points needed to be clarified.
  1. The report data all comes from the open data of the 22 brands’ Tmall flagship stores
  1. The report data’s cut off point is Nov.11th 24:00. Considering Tmall only provide monthly sales data, therefore the report data reflect the sales result from Nov.1st to Nov.11th 24:00.
  1. The report data might be overstated as some store might click farm the result. However, given that all stores are from the same platform and have the same possibility in click farm, the influence of this variable was not considered in this report.
  1. Oculus has no official sales channel in China, therefore it is not included in the report. PSVR only held a presale event on Nov.11th and the data hasn’t released.


Product Sales Ranking

As shown in the statistics, the 22 VR Brands’ Tmall flagship store has selled 308510 VR devices from Nov.1st to Nov.11th, including HTC Vive, BaoFeng Mojing, Idealens all-in-one VR devices.

Among them, mobile VR products (including plasticbox and cardbox) contributed 302205 volume while high end VR headset is 1446 and VR all-in-one device is 4859.


In terms of the product sales data, SJG-V8 tops others with over 100000+ sales result. This particular plasticbox VR Cardboard sells at 9.9 RMB ($1.5 USD) on Nov.11th, while its normal prices is around 29.9 RMB ($4.5 USD). Noteworthily, its sales result decreased to 92555 pieces when this report is released, possibly due to the return goods. Even so, this very item still hold a safe lead in the ranking.
Among the renowned brands VR devices, the XiaoMi VR toy version has lead the group with 10000+ sales volume.

Sales Ranking by Brand

In terms of brand,the result is more shocking for the VR industry: SJP, UGP, Huanlv, Qianhuan Mojing and Yisite are the top five, none of them are reknowned VR headsets brand. It it noteworthy that these five brands all feature low end mobile VR cardboards and have no PC VR products. SJG, Yisite and UGP also has cheap VR all-in-one device as well.
Among the renowned VR brands, XiaoMi VR, Baofeng Mojing and Deepon are the top three, and the first two’s feature products are also mobile VR ones.

PC VR Sales Ranking

Among the 22 Tmall VR flagship, 6 of them sell PC VR products. HTC ranks first with around 1000 sales. However, when the report is released, the sale result has dropped to 886 as well, possibly also due to return goods.

Mobile VR Sales Ranking

VR All-in-one Device Sales Ranking

Among the 22 brands, 8 are selling VR All-in-one devices. Priced at 798RMB, the H1 from UGP has an astonishing sales result of 4000+. Surely this kind of all-in-one device is overlooked by other all-in-one device brands such as Deepoon, Idealens and Pico.

Revenue Ranking by Brand

With the sales volume all cleared, the revenue is the next to see. The statistics show that the 22 VR flagship store has an overall revenue of 23.75M RMB ($3.44M USD) from Nov.1st to Nov.11th. 
Though no winner in volume, HTC Vive tops the list with its almost 7M RMB ($1M USD) revenue. Baofeng Mojing and Deepoon also have revenue over 1M RMB ($0.15M USD).


Author: vrinchinaadmin

admin of VR-in-China.com

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